Informations sur le tournoi ESWC CS:GO - Benelux Qualifier

ESWC CS:GO - Benelux Qualifier
Date 24/09/16 - 20:30
Type Tournoi
État Historique
Loser Bracket ? Non
Nb Equipes pour le tournoi 32
Nb Joueurs par équipe 5
Jeu Counter Strike - Global Offensive


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Tournament BO3 - veto ABABAB
Management games by Ebot
Admin tournament :
Julian "Twikii" Albiar Fernandez
Kevin "Naporag" Beheydt
Jonathan "Soulja" Verbestel
Schedule :
September 24, 2016 at 20:30: 16th Final (online)
September 25, 2016 at 14:00: 8th Final (online)
08/09 October 2016: quarter, semifinals, final (offline)
Map choice:

The selection of maps unfold via ABABAB veto.
Team A (above the tree) veto a map
Team B (under the tree) veto a map
Team A selects a card
Team B chooses a card
Team A veto a map
Team B veto a map
The last card will be the third in case.

Side Selection (T/CT):
The team playing on his card chooses what side it wants to start. The third card, the sides will be defined via a knife round.
The overtimes are played MR5 (The first 4 points wins) in the same conditions as the game except that each player starts with $ 10,000. If multiple overtimes, the teams will resume on the side on which they finished the previous overtime.
Maps :
- de_dust2
- de_cbble
- de_mirage
- de_train
- de_cache
- de_overpass
- de_nuke
The in-game records are required. In case of complaint of a demo, the player not having it may disqualify the team.


The servers are provided by our partner Nitrado, so it's been not authorized to play on its own server.