Informations sur le tournoi Urban FIFA #1

Urban FIFA #1
Date 16/06/18 - 11:00
Type Coupe (Poules+tournoi)
État Historique
Loser Bracket ? Oui
Nb Equipes pour la competition 0
Nb Equipes pour le tournoi 16
Nb Joueurs par équipe 1
Jeu FIFA 18 [PS4]


The European Gaming Organisation will be pleased to announce the first edition of our EGO Urban FIFA - 16-17 Juny 2018.

Player Team: 5€

You need to signup on the website, reload your wallet on the website and signup on the event.


  • Adress: Rue de l’indépendance 83, 1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean
  • Train station: Gare de l'Ouest (900m)
  • Bus - Tram: Duchesse Brabant (Tram 82) et (Bus 86) - (450m)
  • Player need to be at place Saturday (10h30 - 19h00) - Sunday (10h30 - 20h00)
  • Tournament Start: 11h00


  • Game: FIFA 18 
  • Console: PlayStation 4
  • Mode: National Team (85 Gen)
  • Each player must have his game, his controller with your charging cable.
  • Forbidden to bring food and drinks from outside.
  • Respect the material and place of the Urban5, as well as other gamers.
  • Players and visitors who do not respect may be excluded from the EGO without any refund.
  • Parental authorization is obligatory for minors taking part in the event as well as a piece of identification. (click here)


No change based on number of participants, the cashprize is guaranteed

Or First Place 300 €
Silver Second Place 150 €
Bronze Third Place 50 €



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